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Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King is a man with a lot of education. The esteemed University of Southern California is where he received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science (USC). He then finished his Master of Business Administration program with a stellar GPA. Mitchell later earned a degree in law from the University of San Diego, where he also earned the distinction of Merit Scholar. He obtained a scholarship that covered 75% of his tuition.

One of America's most distinguished veterans is Ian King. He is most proud of his time in the military, where he served as a Lieutenant in the Navy and an Enlisted Infantry Marine. He also achieved a significant feat by graduating first from the School of Infantry class. Additionally, he received a meritorious promotion. Despite his many military accomplishments, he is proud to be recognized as a Marine Corps Company Honor Man.

The US Navy Officer Candidate School Honor Graduate, Navy LT Public Affairs Advisor to an Admiral, and Navy LT Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense are just a few of the significant honours Mitchell King won throughout his military service.

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