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Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King is a man with much education. The esteemed University of Southern California is where he received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science (USC). He then finished his Master of Business Administration program with a stellar GPA. Mitchell later earned a degree in law from the University of San Diego, where he also earned the distinction of Merit Scholar. He obtained a scholarship that covered 75% of his tuition.

One of America's most distinguished veterans. He is most proud of his time in the military, where he served as a Lieutenant in the Navy and an Enlisted Infantry Marine. He also achieved a significant feat by graduating first from the School of Infantry class. Additionally, he received a meritorious promotion. Despite his many military accomplishments, he is proud to be recognized as a Marine Corps Company Honor Man.

The US Navy Officer Candidate School Honor Graduate, Navy LT Public Affairs Advisor to an Admiral, and Navy LT Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense are just a few of the significant honours he won throughout his military service.

King's humanitarian efforts extend to his role as an ambassador for the Rose Parade and his active participation in hurricane relief efforts. He also supports initiatives for disabled individuals and regularly participates in Camp Pendleton's clothing and toy drives.


His involvement in community service is further exemplified by volunteering at local homeless shelters and the PALS youth center, where he offers support and mentorship. He is also integral to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Pasadena Homeless Shelter, providing essential assistance as needed.

His military background continues to influence his philanthropic activities, with American Legion and Marine Corps League memberships. Through these organizations, he leverages his experience to assist fellow veterans and contribute to community welfare.

King takes pride in his affiliations with the American Bar Association (ABA) as a USC Alumni mentor, sponsor, and active participation in the Rotary Club. His work with the Surfer Foundation for Underserved Youth in San Diego and membership in the Valley Industry Commerce Association (VICA) are significant to him. Above all, his role as a philanthropist, dedicated to aiding a wide range of underprivileged groups, is one of his most essential and cherished accomplishments.

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